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Ferries Italy, Spain, French, Croatia, Ionian Greece, Tunisia, Malta

online booking - ferries in the West Med
"Traghettilines di Prenotazioni 24 S.a.s.": buy online ferry tickets for all the main Mediterranean companies, pay by credit card.

Flights between Europe and French Antilles

Air France
Air France, connects Europe, via Paris, to all French Antilles and Venezuela.
Air Caraibes
AIR Caraibes, connects Europe to French Antilles and Guyane, via Paris.
Nouvelles Frontieres
Nouvelles Frontieres Reaches many touristic sites worldwide.

Flights between Europe and Caribbean

British Airways
British Airways, connects Europe, via London, to the West Indies.
Virgin Atlantic
Virgin Atlantic, flights to Tobago, St.Lucia, Nassau and to many touristic sites worldwide.
Condor, flights to Caribbean and many other touristic sites worldwide.

Flights between Caribbean Islands

Liat, connects many Caribbean islands.
SVG Air, island's connections from Martinique to Grenada.

Flights to Panama and Cartagena (San Blas)

Alitalia, to Miami.
Spirit Airlines
Spirit Airlines, boarding in Fort Lauderdale, 20' from Miami Int., offers low-cost flights to Panama and Cartagena.

Low-cost flights in Europe

Ryanair, flights to almost everywher in Europe.
EasyJet, flights to almost everywher in Europe.