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Baleares - Spain: a sailing holiday on a charter yacht

Baleares - Spain, Menorca, Mallorca, Ibiza, Formentera

Baleares - Spain

The Archipelago of the Balearic Islands is located in the Mediterranean Sea, just across the East Spanish coast.

The islands that compose it have different characteristics that will make your sailing vacation varied and full of surprises: the largest, Majorca, is defined a natural paradise for its rich vegetation and many protected areas.

In the north, Menorca can be divided into two zones: Tramuntana and Migjion.

The first consists of slate rocks, dating back to very remote times, forming hills that plunge into the sea in deep ravines.

The southern part is instead of limestone and therefore has a different aspect.

No longer dominate the dark colors typical of slate, but the bright colors of this mineral.

The island vegetation is mainly composed of pine and wild olive trees, which give the landscape its unmistakable Mediterranean characteristics.

Fortunately the island of Minorca, which boasts many natural attractions, was not overwhelmed by mass tourism and thus its costs remained untouched, but a popular destination for sailing yachts and motor boats.

The great variety of endangered animals that live in the 'island of Formentera, together with the renowned Natural Reserve of Saline is a demonstration that man and nature can coexist peacefully without causing irreversible changes to the landscape.

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