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Puerto Rico: a sailing holiday on a charter yacht

Isla de Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is situated in the North-East of the Caribbean Sea between the Dominican Republic and the Virgin Islands.

It's history testifies settlements of different populations, which led to the variety of cultures that still characterizes Puerto Rico (Mediterranean, African and American).

Puerto Rico's climate is tropical with high temperatures (25 ° C on average).

A third of its territory is covered with a vast rain forest with a dense vegetation.

Particularly recommended for those who want to enjoy a quiet boat holiday, are the islands of Culebra and Mona, famous for their natural beauty and spectacular wildlife that inhabits its transparent waters.

For many years, the main attractions of the island are almost exclusively concentrated in San Juan.

This has meant that even today many inland areas of the island have remained uncontaminated and less visited by tourists.

Among these the rainforest and Rio Camuy Park with its caves, which are an invaluable world heritage.

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