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Greece Dodecanese: a sailing holiday on a charter yacht

Dodecanese archipelago

Greece Dodecanese

The Dodecanese are a group of more than 150 islands in the Aegean sea, off the southwest coast of Turkey.

Dodecanese, however, is the term to indicate the twelve major islands, namely: Rhodes, which is a compromise between modern civilization and ancient history, with its endless beaches and important historical memories.

Kos, the land of Hippocrates the founder of medicine.

Halki, one of the most picturesque, known as the island of peace and friendship as a favorite destination for young people around the world.

Kastellorizo, the extreme south-eastern island of Greece, the ideal place for a leisurely cruise on a boat.

Tilos, which relaxes you with its clean beaches surrounded by lush green plains.

Nisyros, the only volcanic island of the archipelago and the less frequented by tourism.

Kalymnos, famous for its sea floor made colorful by the presence of sponges.

Astypalea, consists of two islands connected by a thin strip of land that make it the most attractive among the twelve.

Leros, with its spectacular rocky coastline.

Lipsi, the perfect place for a cruise sailing without stress and Simi, rich in churches built on its green hills.

All the islands have a rich history,and many of even the smallest inhabited ones boast dozens of Byzantine churches and medieval castles.


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