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Cuba: a sailing holiday on a charter yacht

Cuba coasts and islands


Cuba is at the center of the Caribbean Sea, not far from the Mexican coast, from Florida and Giamaica.

L'Havana is the cultural and political capital of the island. Other important cities are Varadero, especially from the point of view of tourism thanks to its beautiful beaches, Trinidad, Santiago de Cuba and Holguin, representing the south-east of the island, and the other main islands are Isla de La Juventud and Cayo Largo , located in the westside of the country. The main attractions are represented by the natural and cultural beauty, like the beautiful beaches of Varadero, Cayo Coco and Cayo Largo, or the city and the traditions of Santiago de Cuba and Holguin, and of course the capital Havana.

Cuba is a perfect destination for a sailing holiday.

Due to the shape of its territory and the tropical climate, Cuba offers a rich and varied vegetation, among which one can admire numerous species of plants and flowers, always very large and colorful.

Cuba is also famous around the world for growing tobacco on his land, and for producing the best cigars in the world, such as Cohiba or Montecristo.

The fauna is very rich and varied, with numerous species of birds and reptiles and tropical fish of various sizes.

Very interesting is also the marine flora that populates the beautiful coral reefs of Cuba.

The climate of Cuba is tropical, with warm temperatures and high humidity throughout the year.

Enjoy a sailing holiday in Cuba, a journey through the beautiful beaches and fishing grounds, countries rich in culture, traditions and places where you can enjoy excellent cuisine in addition to the 'good Cuban rum.

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