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Thailand: a sailing holiday on a charter yacht

Thailand's coasts and islands


The Kingdom of Thailand is located in southeast Asia, the southern part of the country is washed by two seas (Gulf of Siam and the Andaman Sea) and offers the most beautiful and picturesque beaches and islands of Asia.

The most popular destinations are Phuket and the islands of Ko Samet, Koh Samui, Koh Tao and Koh Pha-Ngan.

Thailand is a country with an ancient history.

His original name was Siam, but since 1949 has been changed to Prathet Thai or Thailand, which means free land.

Indeed, it is the only country in Asia not to have been colonized in the course of history.

Thailand probably has the most varied climate throughout the Southeast, because its territory is spread mainly vertical.

The climate is influenced by the monsoons, which generate three seasons in the north and only two in the south, where the transition between the rainy season and the hot season is immediate and direct.

The temperature then is hot but not too humid from March to May and less hot but very humid from May to November.

The sea temperature is high all year and throughout the country, between 27 ° and 30 °.

His popularity among travelers from around the world is due to a combination of factors: the beauty of its beaches, unspoilt nature, the archaeological and artistic treasures of ancient civilizations, culture of smiles and hospitality that characterizes the people of Thailand and the fortune of being a not expensive tourist destination.

Thai culinary art is the most important and interesting characteristic of the country.

The main foods are rice, fish, shellfish, meat, vegetables and fruits, combined with the use of chili and a great quality of spices, which give the food aromas that make it so surprising and unique.

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