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Cape Verde: a sailing holiday on a charter yacht

Cape Verde Archipelago

Cape Verde

A cluster of volcanic islands in a semicircle in the Atlantic Ocean, this is the archipelago of Cape Verde.

Dry tropical climate, characterized by an average temperature of 25 ° C and low precipitation, make Cape Verde a popular destination for many travelers who can enjoy the beauty of each island on a sailboat.

A rich and tasty cuisine, music and rhythms of special charm are the hallmarks of an archipelago to become one of the top destinations for sailing lovers and for those in search of summer weather every month of the year Archipelago Cape Verde adopts the division produced by the trade winds from the African continent, and distributes the group of islands between the Windward and the Leeward.

The first group are the islands of Sal, Boavista, Santo Antao, Sao Vicente and Sao Nicolau and uninhabited island of Santa Luzia.

The island of Sal is the most equipped for water sports, from diving to windsurfing, while lovers of breathtaking scenery will remain open mouth for the entertainment offered by the natural pool of Burracona

The island of Boavista is the easternmost of the archipelago and the closest to the African coast.

The more than fifty kilometers of white and golden beaches - washed by an emerald ocean - makes the island very attractive destination for tourists who want a sailing holiday dedicated to peace.

The island of Sao Vicente is the most lively of the archipelago and has the glorious distinction of Cape Verdean cultural center.

Mindelo, the city - beautiful by day and lively at night - offers the best artistic energy in the country.

To mention the famous Baia das Gatas, with high waves and a beautiful natural pool sheltered from the rocks.

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